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Ever since establishment, Farglory has been committed to the design and construction of a state-of-the-art domed baseball stadium, furthermore, it is actively attempting to create a baseball-friendly environment in Taiwan through the perspective of a venue provider.As of 2007, Farglory Dome has established close exchange channels with CPBL, NPB Pacific League and Central League ...more
The international standard entertainment venue in Taiwan is not only a 40,000 seat multipurpose stadium; it can also host large sport competitions, concerts, gatherings, ceremonies, or theater for dance, cultural and art events. It is a modern, high-tech, practical and multipurpose gymnasium which can be tailored to the needs of any event in terms of seating and venue arrangement...more

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There are many stories about the origin of baseball. Some believe it originated from the traditional English sport Rounders, while some believe that baseball was originally an American sport. As a matter of fact, there is no conclusive answer concerning the origin of baseball, however two events have influenced the development history of baseball.In 1905, the US formed a commission to investigate the origin of baseball. Chief organizer Mills Commission, after 3 years of research discovered that Denver engineer Abner Graves’s information was credible...more
Farglory Dome Complex cordially invites all firms and businesses to join us, please contact the Farglory Dome Complex Business Invitation Section!...more

All baseball, sports, entertainment, convention,exhibition or large-scale event organizers are welcome to gain further understanding of the Dome facilities. Should you have any questions concerning venue reservations or large-scale event collaboration proposals, please contact our staff in charge of the Dome Gymnasium...more
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